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Airy TV Apk For Android

AIRY TV APK is one of the most considered applications for all the television lovers out there. It is known to be the best quality live T.V. producer of movies, cartoons, Travel & food videos, news and sports videos. It makes everything simple and easy for all the entertainment buffs who would love to watch live programs & episodes. AIRY TV has a beautiful interface with various functionalities included in it. It’s an entertainment techno pack that has countless stress relief videos. AIRY TV Apk gathers the most suitable and stable streaming links to offer for each one of our media files allowing you to enjoy an excellent streaming experience like never before. You can choose to stream your content using our inbuild media player on your device.

Airy TV

Airy TV Features

Movies & TV Shows

Choose the V.O.D. Menu to get unlimited fun stuff for free and surf the best content for more immeasurable entertainment. It is just that simple to view your favourite TV Shows, Horror Videos, Sci-Fi, Action, Comedy, Documentary, War, Drama, and Monster Films on Airy TV App.

Live News

Users can watch politics, Travel, Food, and regional knowledge on this application. It gives all kinds of international and regional news content.

Manage notifications

Get notified of every upcoming and ongoing program so that you don't miss the fun. You can optimize this option in the settings menu.

Live TV Content

Open the App and tap on the ongoing programs to watch without delay; you'll find the related channels list and TV Shows, Movies, News info on the Home page.

Airy TV apk

Download Airy TV Apk on Android

This portion will show you get and download Airy TV APK on Android device. Be sure to follow the below instructions when installing the application. It isn’t accessible for download on the Google play store. There is nothing to worry about as we will be providing the download button below and clicking to download Airy TV Apk.

App Version
Active Installs

Install Airy TV Apk For Android & Tab

Easy way to install the Airy TV App on Android gadgets using the below method. In case if you haven’t figured how to install the Apk files, then here’s a step by step guide for you.

airy tv apk install

STEP1: Press on settings and open security | Developer Options >> mark on unknown source and press OK button 

STEP2: Open Google Playstore App >> Click on the Menu icon on the Top Right side corner >> choose the Play Protect option >> Turn of the Scan apps with the Play Protect option.

After successfully finishing the above steps, you need to click the download link of the Airy TV Apk given in this Post.

You will then see the Apk file has been downloaded on your device in a few seconds.

Go to the download folder, find the Airy TV Apk, click on the App, and start installing.

Follow the screen guidance on your Android Mobile device and complete the installation.

Start the App after installation, and a different screen will open after the installation is done.

Installing on iOS

Presently, The AiryTV for iOS version of the app is unavailable, so consider using its alternative as noted here. There is no need to jailbreak to install on iPhone, iPad devices in a few steps.

Installing on PC

There are no authorized EXE files for PC [Windows/Mac/Ubuntu] users; it can still run on any Operating system. You can also enjoy Cinema HD for PC for Windows and Mac using an emulator such as BlueStacks.

Installing on Android TV

Sideload the AiryTV to Amazon Firestick 4K using Downloader or ES File Explorer. It’s fully functioning and straightforward to install on Android TV Box.

How to Update Airy TV Apk

Airy TV app is a comprehensive store where you can get the entire entertainment package free of cost and the best picture quality. This is such a place where you can watch all your favorite shows, movies, etc., just within a few seconds.
We all know that we need to install a particular app whenever we want to use it. But, updating an app is as important as installing an app.
You may think, what if we don’t update our apps??? Yeah!! I’ll explain to you the disadvantages if you don’t update your apps. Apps must adapt to new operating systems as soon as they are released. In the future, your device won’t be able to handle the new versions–so you’ll be the only one who can’t access the new cool stickers everyone else is using. Whenever a bug arises, developers take necessary actions to clear those bugs and make the app work better. So, this is the reason for updating apps.
The next question that might worry you is how often we update our app??? Don’t worry. You’ll get to know me within a few seconds. Market needs and trends change quickly, and thus your app should update at least once a month. The Airy TV app is also one such app that releases updates regularly.

In Android devices: Go to Google Play Store >> Search for AiryTV >> Click Update 

In iPhone: Go to Apple App Store >> Search for AiryTV >> Click Update           

In FireStick / Fire TV: Open your Fire TV interface and go to the home menu. On the menu items at the top of the screen, scroll to the right and choose Settings. Scroll right and select Applications followed by Appstore. Go to “Automatic Updates” and toggle it to “on”.        

 That’s it!! You have your app updated and can enjoy all the features offered.  

Airy TV App Best Reviews

Airy TV is one of the best places of entertainment where you can watch all your favourite Movies, Comedy shows, Sports, all the television content offered by our regular dish/DTH. You can watch all of the content from anywhere in the world. This app can be accessed by various Android mobiles, iPhones, FireStick, etc. Of course, the only requirement is a stable internet connection.

Now, let’s know about some of the experiences of people who’ve used the Airy TV app.

1990's & 2000's

Our second review is from a user and her friend discussing old tv shows and movies back when they were growing up. She mentioned this app called Airy TV, I never heard of it, but her friend went on and on about it, so she decided to check it out. Now, when she says they have retro tv shows, they have retro shows, back from the 1950s to the early 2000s.....WOW! If you're into old tv shows and movies (Godzilla, Barney Miller, Woody Woodpecker, Dukes of Hazzard, etc.), this is the app for you. If one doesn't like it, they can always uninstall it!!

Cartoon Channels

Our first review is from a user who talked about its unique model. For the most part, he said that this app is excellent. Lots of programming and has plenty of the old stuff one can't usually find elsewhere. The user is a massive fan of the Cartoon and Cartoon classic channels show the "toons" he watched as a kid back in the '50s. Old TV series (McHale Navy, Leave it to Beaver, Patty Duke, etc.) were a nice break from so much of the junk being shown today. Some buffering on a couple of channels found that the next one will not start automatically when a show ends. He has to change channels and then go back to the original for that channel to play. Some of the content isn't the best quality. It's still a 5-star app IMO since it is free with so much nostalgic content.

24/7 Fun

Our third review is from a user who is a resident of Chennai. He says that this has to be one of the best new apks out there. It has news, it has classic programs, it has 24/7 channels, and it has a lot of movie channels! They are getting a few bugs worked out with the ads, but it seems to have been fixed. You get 2-3 commercials before the program, but no interruptions the rest of the time. You can't beat that for free!

So, this is all about the different views of different people who've already used the app. So, go fast and install it on your devices & enjoy the features offered by Airy TV. If you are happy with this app, don't forget to rate the app and share your experience.

Frequently asked questions

Yes! You can use this app without any subscription and free of cost. Signup option available for additional features support.

Airy Official developers don’t implement the ad-free version.

This free source Android App gives the latest entertainment stuff.

Updated Application strongly works on Android, Tab, PC, Firestick 4K, Android TV & SmartTV Box.